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Company Profile

Neirosta Zafon, established in 1988, is privately owned and is considered to be the leader in its field in Israel.
The factory and its offices cover a 2400sq'm site, new modern Facility situated in the "BAR-LEV" industrial park.
Fields of expertise:
  Machinery for the food industry (design and     manufacturing according to customer specifications).
  Stainless steel piping for food, chemical, medical and     detergent industries.
  Production of tanks, conveyer belts and frames.
  Laser Cutting - special department with unique laser     cutting machine for all kinds of metal.
    This machine, with a fourth and fifth axes enables the     cutting of profiles and pipes up to 6000mm long and up     to 380mm in diameter. This ability provides precision     adjustments between cut profiles and pipes in unusual     angles and dimensions.
  Clean Room product, with Electro Polish finish if needed.
  Manufacturing packages for the Hi-Tech field.
  Maintenance teams, providing maintenance and support     "on site" for various plants.
  Architectural and interior design, providing architects     solutions and support for standard and unique     requests.

Neirosta Zafon Ltd. provides it's numerous clients from various fields the best service with emphasis on product quality.
The company's advantage comes from having all solutions under one roof, carried out by company employees, full cooperation between departments starting from engineering up to supply.
All of these parameters reach the client in the form of a quality product, low costs and short lead times.

Neirosta Zafon is highly aware of the Israeli industries needs and is prepared to give an immediate response to its clients at all times.


Clients List:
Strauss ice-cream
Strauss dairies
Strauss salads
Abadi bakeries
Colorado ice-cream
Feldman ice-cream
Nofet Dagan
Solel Boneh

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